Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I got the best voicemail from Clair at BYU Graduate Studies the other day: "Hi Taralyn, I'm just calling to let you know we have everything we need from you for graduation. Congratulations!" Augh!!!

What now?

My graduate studies have consumed my life for the past three years. I feel like a palpable 500 pound weight I didn't realize I was carrying has been lifted from my shoulders. I might float away! After difficult classes, irritating professors, countless hoops to jump through, buckets of tears, incredible lessons, countless new friends, a whole mess of traveling, and expanded horizons, I'm done! I've arrived. It doesn't feel real. You may call me Master. :)

I think one of the greatest things I've learned over the past few years is this. There is so much I don't know!! Every single person I meet has something to teach me and the capacity to help me grow. Epic journeys are worth the battles, because that is how God teaches me and makes me stronger.

Who am I kidding? I haven't really arrived anywhere other than a new starting place. Off to the races!